Hello! I'm Jana, owner of Rose & Ring Events! I have been a wedding and event specialist in East Tennessee since 2015. In addition to completing over 500 events, I am also a violinist for the Scruffy City Orchestra, and believe it or not... I have a degree in culinary arts! My love for event design began while catering a small wedding reception in 2014. Shortly after, I started taking a course in wedding etiquette to help further my knowledge of the industry. Planning destination weddings quickly became my specialty and a huge passion of mine!

I grew up in Charlotte, NC, but I have always loved the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains. I am very passionate about helping couples plan their perfect day in this stunning and peaceful part of the country. From beginning to end, my staff and I are dedicated to making the vision of your big day come to life!

from culinary artist to event artist

jana harmon

My story

I wanna be defined by the things
that i love, not the things i hate,
not the things i'm afraid of, 
or the things that haunt me 
in the middle of the night
i just think that you are what you love.

My favorite part of the wedding day is giving the happy couple a few private moments after the "I do's" to just let all of the emotions sink in. I love standing back and watching the huge smiles on their faces as they walk around the reception room for the first time, glowing from that
just-married feeling!

The First Moments After the Ceremony

My Favorite part about my job?

We strive to give every couple a personalized planning experience that leads to the day of their dreams!

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